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Downloads for published content
This page contains everything that was published/hosted for public on the website.
History of the famous 'MGE Status' meme and how it's used today
This article is about a popular meme amongst the Team Fortress 2 community, the history of it and nowadays usage.
Ever wanted custom textures for your games? Resorep is the solution!
This program is an easy way to make your own custom textures in a small matter of time.
Simple guide on using mods in the multiplayer mode for Dying Light 1
Why would you use the shitty Data3 offline method when you can literally be better than this?
Buying a Shure SM7B = Buying matted metal (SM58 without a transformer for 400$)
In this post I will explain why the SM7B is overpriced and how you can get the same sound for a lot cheaper.
CZARFACE best tracks rated
Majority of the tracks compiled and ranked (by my opinion).
Free DLCs for games with the help of CreamInstaller
Stop paying developers a ton of money for their small content, just get it for free.
HDR to SDR conversion in DaVinci Resolve
Convert your HDR ugly looking footage to SDR so it looks clean.