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Meme description.

The "MGE status" with the Team Fortress 2 jocks is an Internet meme that became popular in the Team Fortress 2 community and then spread to various platforms and social networks. This meme is accompanied by an image of jocks from the game "Team Fortress 2" and the caption "MGE status".

History of the meme.

The "MGE status" meme with the "Team Fortress 2" jocks first appeared in the game's community in 2013. On a popular forum dedicated to "Team Fortress 2", a user nicknamed "Heavy Weapons Guy" created a thread in which he described his experience. He described a situation where his team completely humiliated the opponent and jokingly wrote that they had achieved "MGE status", which is short for "My Gaming Edge Status". He added that their victory was so indisputable that only a person who had reached the edge in their skill level could be stronger than their team. As an illustration, he pinned a picture of a jock character from the game, which is a symbol of victory.


The user's post quickly gained popularity, and other players began using the phrase "MGE status" and the image of the jocks to describe their successful moments in the game. The meme quickly spread through various gaming communities and then to social media, where it gained widespread acceptance.

Recent memes.

Nowadays, since the "MGE status" meme with the jocks from "Team Fortress 2", its use has expanded and undergone some changes. Users have begun to create meme cutscenes that include many images of jocks accompanied by energetic music. This creates a dynamic and fun effect that often elicits positive emotions from viewers.

It is also worth noting that in some variations of the "MGE status" meme, inserts of clips or images related to the Internet movement "furry" appear.


The latest music videos using the "MGE status" meme with the jocks from Team Fortress 2 are mostly popular in the Russian community of the game. However, you can also notice that Western communities are also actively involved in the distribution of this content and show interest in it. This shows that the "MGE status" music cutscenes have the potential to attract attention and find acceptance in both the Russian and Western gaming communities.

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