How to turn your crappy HDR footage to chad looking SDR?

Well, it's fairly simple. You just need some 3 gigabyte software, a cool recorder and some skillz.

1. Get DaVinci ReSolve (literally the best editor)


You should be on the most popular operating system, so press the Windows download button for the regular DaVinci ReSolve on the left.

It will ask you to fill in a bunch of shit, but you can just insert random data there.

2. Create a new project in DaVinci

Create a project

Name doesn't really matter, so don't even waste time on it.

3. Go to the timeline tab


Useless step, but you gotta be here anyway so please be here.

Before doing the next step, add any footage you want by dragging it on the timeline (see a tutorial online how to do it if you don't understand what I mean)

4. Change color science preset

Press Shift+F9 to open the configuration, and then change the color science preset (also I recommend to change the project framerate before adding any clips into the timeline).

Color Preset

Just by doing this step, your imported HDR recordings will be colorful and not grey like before.

Before before 

After after

5. Go to the color grading tab

Color Grading

6. Go to HDR color wheels and copy my preset

Color Wheels

These settings have been tweaked by me, maybe you can change them to make them much better..

7. Save this preset

Lazy to write something here... so just do it like on the image.

Save LUT

Name it how you want, but I would not care much since the program will add a bunch of useful info to the file name.

8. Apply the preset

Apply preset

Apply your preset by right clicking your clip in the constructor, and selecting your preset in the LUT sub-menu.

9. See the result


Your footage has proper colors now, only thing left is actually rendering the footage.

You can view my video that compares the before and after result of doing this LUT thing

10. Render your footage

I won't explain how, just go to the render tab and it will be obvious :)

Render footage