List of everything I have or use in my setup

here you can find things that I have



A high-end graphics card that I love. It's just a more modern 2080ti with 8 gigabytes of VRAM. I have the triple fan version from Gigabyte.


AMD Ryzen 7 5700x

Newer version of the 5800x, costs 200$ and performs like a charm. Previously I had the Ryzen 7 2700 and the performance boost was huge when I switched to a newer one.


34" LG 34GL750-B

A great 2560x1080 144hz ultrawide monitor. Honestly I am surprised that it has that many features for 500$. G-Sync + HDR and 10bit IPS? Great deal.


31.5" Samsung C32JG52 (used before)

A 2560x1440 144hz monitor that I previously used for 2 years. Now it's a little bit broken so I had to switch to a newer one. It sure is a lot bigger than my 21:9 monitor, even that the diagonal is smaller. The curve is also a lot bigger... but it has some issues (since it's a budget gaming monitor) which is the VA matrix.



My brand new motherboard which has zero issues now! My previous A320M-S2H had like 100-110 degrees in the VRM zone, and I got bluescreens... So I had to change it. The AORUS one has software, RGB, lots of usb 3.2 ports and proper radiators (even for the M2, feelsgoodman)

Gigabyte A320M-S2H (used before)

The cheapest and the most budget AM4 motherboard, I had no issues with it, except the VRM zone overheating to 90-110 degrees, which could possibly kill my CPU. Glad that I changed it recently.

RAM Memory

Kingston Fury Beast RGB DDR4

Budget and pretty cool looking XMP-capable RAM. I have it at 3200 with CL16, size is 16x2 GB.


A pretty fine CPU cooler, the only downside is that it requires the NZXT controller for the RGB to work.

Image since I am lazy


NZXT H5 Flow

My new gaming ATX case, got it recently and I am absolutely happy about it. It has style, it has the magnet meshes and bla bla bla... My only complain is that it's super big and I didn't get 2 extra coolers.

Here is the image of my old case


Samsung 970 EVO 1000GB

The best disk that you can get for a motherboard like mine. There is no point to go further since the speed is limited by PCIe 3.

Seagate BarraCuda Mobile 500GB

Generic HDD which is dangling inside my case, I'm using it to store videos or bad games.


Edifier R1080BT

Very nice bluetooth bookshelf speakers, I use them 50% of the time since I can get tired from my headphones. It has 3 buttons, very simple.

Audio Interface

Steinberg UR22C

Trusted audio interface from a trusted brand, looks clean and has a lot of nice software. Connected via USB 2.

Microphone Old

Steinberg ST-M01

Basically a copy of the Audio-Technica's AT2020, sounds pretty nice considering that it's cheap.
Previous one

Microphone New

Rode PodMic

A pretty nice and cheap dynamic microphone, the competitor to Shure SM7B. I use it with a large windscreen.
Currently using

Additional Audio

Thomann Millenium DS150

A very cheap and reliable boom arm, which is a lot better than some boom arms AT A CHEAP PRICE. Has no springs or shit like that, is reliable and overall sleek (also has anti-vibration pad, cable passthru).

Additional Audio

Additional audio gear/software

Generic: Pop Filter (not using), SM7B Large Windscreen.

dspMixFx UR-C, ReaFir, LOADES De-Esser.

Razer Kraken (regular black ones)

Great headphones, and only ones that were in the store when I decided to grab them. My most liked feature is the surround sound.

Only bad thing about them is that it's Razer. Their drivers didn't work properly on Windows 11 and a year and a half passed before they fixed them, and their software is overall spyware.


Russian budget mechanical keyboard, grabbed it for 35-40$ as I remember. Has no issues except some inversed RGB lights.

With time I realized that a full sized keyboard is pretty much useless nowadays, now I want a TKL keyboard... But meh I am not that person to change my device if it's not broken.

Computer Mouse

Razer Deathadder V2 x Hyperspeed

Actually a pretty neat piece of equipment, lasts me a long time when paired with a 2500mah battery. USB charging would be pretty neat, but I can recharge my batteries... Also the mouse feels a lot smoother compared to my previous Bloody one, and the laser doesn't lag at all.
9/10 mouse to be honest


An overpriced piece of equipment that keeps my mouse gliding and hands warm.

Xbox One Controller (2013)

Bought an Xbox One in 2013, used it mostly for Titanfall when it was alive, and eventually dropped it. Now I just have a controller for my PC, pretty cool.

There is apparently a part of it inside that's shaking inside all the time, and also the controller sometimes becomes laggy. I think it's the fault of this broken part.

Additional Audio

PS4 (Day 1, 2013)

The most popular version of the PS4 (I think?). Got it mostly for COD: Advanced Warfare, and enjoyed the console a lot back then... Also I have 2 dualshock controllers which I sometimes use on my PC with the DS4Windows in case my Xbox one starts behaving strange.


Software Used By Me

Foobar 2000, Spotify, VLC, Audacity
For audio

Paint.NET (sometimes), Krita, ImageGlass
For images

OBS, Shadowplay, Handbrake, DaVinci Resolve
For editing/making videos

MSI Afterburner, RivaTuner, AIDA64, CPU-Z
For testing and benchmarking

Brave (primary), Firefox, Tor
For browsing

Kleopatra, Thunderbird
For emailing

Sublime Text 4 (primary), VSCode
For editing code

WinMerge, WizTree, Everything
For maintaining text things